My Maternal Grandmother Always Saved Dimes

Maybe that tradition was thanks to propaganda like this?

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Or perhaps it was because of a 1920s-era newspaper advertisement such as this one, promising in all caps that “DIMES ARE BUILDERS OF WEALTH–SAVE THEM!”

It’s still a great idea. Maybe we should revive the tradition for a new generation?

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  1. Dimes also had (note the past tense) silver in them, and it was possible to get “money” out of them for emergencies if the fiat notes on paper stopped being useful. There are a lot of people now who are looking for and saving old dimes that still have the silver in them, with the idea that if the economy or country goes completely south, they’ll at least have *something* worth trading.

  2. I’ve seen some of the old-fashioned piggy banks lately but in the new materials. We throw ours in a jar in a hidden location. But I remember several piggy banks that held money for me until had to have it. One that I may still have was a plastic, bright orange, stand up pig. It was about 12-14 inches tall and had only the slot for putting the change in. So the seam at the bottom – with the handy use of a knife – became the spot for taking the change out.

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