Postcards from the Past #3 (Bonus: Free Holiday Tag!)

This week’s card was sent in 1911 and looks sort of ordinary, but I tinkered with it a bit and made it into a cute holiday tag!

First, the card, which my mother inherited from her father:

And here’s the 2011 tweaking of the original card, thanks to

Resisting the urge to “fix” the original photo–I’m fond of both cropping and wabi sabi, I kept part of the original border visible in the tag. I did add my URL and the little tendril peeking out from the holly leaf.

If you like it, feel free to copy, print and use it this holiday season. (If you use it virtually, however, kindly give a link back to this post.)

Now through December 2012: a year’s worth of vintage postcards! My new series begins here.

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