Shop Local: Fiddlin’ Frogs

Okay, okay… I know not all of y’all can race to San Antonio to visit Fiddlin’ Frogs, but let this little photo essay remind you of the wonders that await discovery in your local shops. Not only are most shop owners savvy enough to offer quality goods at a range of prices, they also have a homey vibe that is the perfect antidote to the season’s rush-rush-rushiness.

These photos were made by me on assignment for the little local paper. (The one that helps fund my jewelry, chocolate and iPad addictions.) The pictures were so darling that I thought they’d be fun to share.

Happy shoppin’!

(From a local San Antonio artist!)


  1. You’re very kind. I hope your blog problems are resolved quickly. Sorry if I hijacked your discussion on the forum. =)

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