My Pinterest Recipe Board

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

Although I put up a page with all my recipes on it a couple of weeks back, it occurred to me yesterday that a Pinterest board for my recipes would be a good idea.

So I made one.

If you click on the photo above–of my mother’s recipe for sugar cookies!–you’ll go to the board. Or you can click here.

Of, course if you just want the recipe for those particular cookies, simply click here.

Oh, one more thing… if you are an RW&G follower and have a Pinterest board(s), leave me a note with a link in the comments (or on my Facebook page) so that I can “see” you over there. I try to follow back people who follow me on Pinterest, but my notifications seems to lag behind a bit. Not on Pinterest? Get me your email (you can input it privately via the Comments function, and I’ll send you an invite.)

Now for some Pinterest humor:

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

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Great article on Mashable re: what Pinterest is, the concept behind it, and how to make it work for your business. Full credit for the link goes to Colleen Pence (@colleenpence) of Social Media Mentoring here in San Antonio. She also runs the San Antonio Mom Blogs site.


  1. I haven’t gotten on pinterest yet because I’m afraid I’ll like it too much and it’ll suck up all my time. I love reading other people’s recommendations for things! Seriously, though, I do want to do something over there in the next year. And your recipe comes at a good time since I need to make some sugar cookies for a party and was feeling uninspired.

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