Pinterest-o-Rama, Part 1: How to Help New Gardeners in Search of Vegetable Garden Resources

It’s the time of year when I start to pick up a lot of traffic for the keywords “victory garden.”

Since a lot of these explorers are also new gardeners, I try to share helpful posts that will inspire and inform. Having posted on this topic since 2008, I’ve whittled down my faves to just a few books and resources that I consider reliable.

Yet new information comes out all the time–and I will confess a fear that I’m missing something!

This year, I’m thinking that I want to tap the knowledge base from  my existing readers. So I’m sharing with you all a link to my “How to Grow a Victory Garden”  Pinterest Board in hopes that you’ll tell me what else needs to be added to this round up of online and print media resources. (Think of it… Pinterest is bringing the old-fashioned victory garden guides into the world of curated online content!)

Yes, you can share a link to your personal blog or website, if you’d like. Specific links to how-to posts are really ideal. These can be old or new posts.

Suitable topics for the newbie gardener’s board include:

  • How to start seeds
  • When to plant
  • What to plant
  • Organic methods (fertilizer and pest control)
  • How to harvest

Got it? Great! Now please share your tips here in comments or with me via Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks, everyone!


  1. Great resource. They don’t have “pin”-able content, but I think I can do a screenshot, upload it and provide a link back. Thanks!

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