Hey, Girl. Ryan Gosling was Homeschooled. Yeah.

It was just for a year, but apparently, it was plenty of time to leave a lasting, positive impression in the young actor.

…when Gosling was 10 his mother took him out of class and home-schooled him. He spent the year with her, watching movies, listening to Chet Baker and Billie Holiday, gave him, he says, ‘a sense of autonomy that I’ve never really lost’. (Source)

Now I finally have an excuse for jumping on the Ryan “Hey, Girl” Gosling meme bandwagon with this picture:

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was wondering on Facebook if Gosling knows he’s Pinterest’s first Pin-up boy? Funny.

Now I’m just another random meme-joiner.

Oops, I did it again:

Postcards from the Past will return next week. That’s because I’m pretty sure that Mr. Gosling would say: “Hey, girl. I love the way that you blog about your grandpa’s postcards.”


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• Props to Kiss My Aster for taking this meme to the garden. Yeah, she’s my inspiration. You go, girl.

• Oh, wait… there’ s even more on this story about Ryan being homeschooled.

Update: Battle of the Ryans

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Image source: Google. Best effort was made to find original photographers, but it’s just a sea of images out there. Thanks, meme.


  1. Ha ha! Love this. I had no idea he was homeschooled (and I can totally see how even just a year would make a difference!) I’ve been cracking up at several of the crafting-related one people have come up with — glad to see some homeschooling ones! 🙂

  2. I felt it was our turn. The crafters, feminist bloggers and–thanks to KMA–even the gardeners are on this. I can’t get on Pinterest without seeing at least one of the meme photos slide by.

    Plus, he is a modern “Pin-up.” I wonder what Betty Grable would think? It seemed relevant here.

    • “Hey, girl.
      If there were an award for meme
      writing, I’d choose you. Now hand
      me my garden gloves.”

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