Pinterest-o-Rama, Part 2: Three Garden Pinners that You Should Follow

It can be challenging to find good folks to follow on Pinterest. Most newbies default to following high-profile accounts, but there’s much to be said for discovering smaller niche pinners.

Funny, but it was just three years ago that I was saying the exact same thing about Twitter and twitterers. Yes, what works on one social media site seems to translate to others. Go figure.

Here are a few of my favorite garden-friendly folks on Pinterest. Of course, like most people, they drift into other topic areas–and that’s part of the fun of Pinterest, right?

Helen Weis

An Oklahoma designer, Helen is hands-down my favorite pinner. Period. She finds all kinds of cool images for her 104 (!) pin boards. Among my faves is this board featuring her own garden design work, but she’s got all sorts of awesome stuff picked out. Like the simple one called Mercantile. Helen’s pins always make me smile.

Nancy Wallace 

A Georgia garden designer, Nancy’s Pinterest feed is a reliable resource. I’m especially fond right now of her garden decor board.

Andrew Keys

Mr. Keys, a Southern transplant to New England, is well-known for his popular garden podcast, Garden Confidential. He’s not a prolific pinner, but his pins are consistently appealing–especially if you like grasses. (I do!) I just love his Wish List for which each pin is marked with the Latin name. Truly a “curated” pin board.

If you’re on Pinterest, to whom do you look for garden-themed pins?

Oh, and if you are looking for me on Pinterest, I’m here. But if you read this blog regularly, then you likely know that already.

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