is a 2012 Bloggies Finalist!

If I win, I will NOT subject you to photos of me in a swimsuit.

I am so excited that I can’t think straight, y’all. And I had to go refresh the page TWICE to make sure it was REAL.

Yup, my blog is a finalist for the 2012 Web Log Awards (aka “Bloggies”) in the Topical category. Why does this matter? Because exposure to new readers through this process can open all kinds of doors.

For example, ever heard of The Pioneer Woman (aka Ree Drummond), the lady with the books and the Food Network Show? Reportedly it was a Bloggie win (not to mention a whole lotta hard work) that put her and Pawushka, Oklahoma on the map.

So, do I want a Bloggie?

Oh, honey…

Do gardens have plants? 

Do homeschoolers love Lakeshore?

Is Central Texas awesome?

I’ve been told that I’m the first garden blogger to land at the Bloggies. And I’m really proud to represent secular homeschoolers and the great city of San Antonio!

But to succeed at this–for all the “Grew Crew,” I need your help. Yup, I need your vote, dear reader. And I need you to invite all your friends to vote for the blog!

Pretty, pretty please go vote for right now? (Remember to follow all the instructions carefully and look for me under the TOPICAL category.)

Voting closes on February 19 at 10PM EST.

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    • Hahaha. Well, that was real sweet of you to turn giddy for me! And to think I was all excited just to be part of the whole Ryan Gosling homeschool meme last month! 😉

  1. This is FANTASTIC … heading over to vote for you now and tell all my twitter friends. Love to see a Victory Garden grower making a statement in the blogging world!

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