Friday Fun: Hey, Girl. More On That Whole Thing About Ryan Gosling Being Homeschooled

Ever since that tongue-in-cheek post about Ryan Gosling being homeschooled ran here last month, I keep receiving notification on my WordPress dashboard that a LOT of folks are landing here thanks to the keywords “Ryan Gosling homeschool.”

Which, if you think about it, sounds a little bit like he’s selling curriculum supplies or something.

And now wouldn’t THAT go over well?

Anyway, not wanting to disappoint the masses crying out via Google search for Mr. Gosling to become the poster child of a movement, I went researching again and found this interview with the actor:

You were homeschooled. Homeschooled kids always do well in spelling bees. Are you a good speller?
I can’t spell. My mom gave me too much creative freedom. She let me spell things how I thought they sounded.

That’s really not good.
What are you trying to say about my mom?

Oh boy, I’m sure she’s a great mom. Maybe I’m a little critical of the spelling curriculum.
Well, you know that’s why they make chocolate and vanilla.

Why were you homeschooled?
Because I was getting into a lot of trouble at school. I couldn’t keep up. They were trying to start and put me in special ed classes. I remember I was playing chess in special ed and I was playing against a kid who was eating his queen. [Source]

I can imagine an array of reactions to this interview, ranging from “Oh, that sounds a lot like us!” to “OMGosh, those homeschoolers are obviously crazy, incompetent, and evil–and they will all raise smart-arse people who cannot spell and probably also play fast-and-lose with the Oxford comma!!!

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, baby.

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• I found this over at I Love Charts and it made me chuckle:

What IS it with that guy right now? He really is everywhere–a modern day pinup fella.


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  1. I love it! Homeschooling rocks for us. May not for everyone but then again we are a weird family raising a bunch of heathens who can think for themselves. LOL

  2. Hey girl. Thanks for the laugh this morning. I’m overwhelmed with stuff to do, yet still had to take time to read your post. Time well spent.

  3. Hey girl. You do whatever you want today and I’ll just cur up with Homeschool Ryan Gosling photos (followed by a cold shower)!

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