Random Detail: Bulbs in a Wooden Bowl

A few weeks back, I temporarily parked these bulbs in my paternal grandmother’s wooden salad bowl. And then I fell in love with the hopeful “arrangement.”

It’s such a big week here, y’all. Two family birthdays, Mom has major surgery, and it’s deadline week for me with the little community paper. Resting here in the guest room and typing on a Sunday morning, I feel a whole lot like those bulbs–all that potential energy wound up tight inside but so much work to do in order to blossom.

What I really want to do is take a nap.


  1. Your bulb picture is beautiful. I love bulbs…They offer the promise of Spring. I’m trying to restrain myself from buying every daffodil and narcissus I see at the store.

    PS Great to find your blog. I was following your old one. I will bookmark this one now.

    PSS Hope your Mom is feeling better.

  2. Thanks so much for your note. And I’m happy that you found your way over here from the old blog!

    Mom’s got a long week ahead of her. But her spirits are great.

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