Friday Fun: Shake Your Groove Thang

I shared the above graphic late last week on Facebook and Pinterest. It still cracks me up because that dude is EXACTLY whom I thought of when I glanced at myself in the mirror during a recent Zumba class.

Ah, good times.

A few hours after I shared this, my friend Liz from Hyperlocavore forwarded me a link to an amazing TEDx video featuring Shiva Rae re: free form movement. After watching it, I got up and did my very best Shakira impression, mirrors be darned.

Now I’m gonna share it with you. Don’t be shy when you watch. Go on, y’all, shake your groove thing. Cut loose. Feel the rhythm. Fly your freak flag, girl! It’s nature’s way. We were made to do it.

Just ask Shiva Rae: