Really Now, Isn’t It Time for a Blackadder Meme?

Props to the reader that corrected what spell check missed: It's "wench." YES.

I love Blackadder. Love him.

Well, I can do without Blackadder the First, thank you, but the rest of them are pretty dreamy.

Hey, I was a history major. That BBC series was catnip. Kisses, PBS, for bringing them stateside.

Anyway, for all the Ryan Gosling meme stuff floating about (guilty), it seems that there’s room in the word for a new viral heartthrob.

Wait. That sounds… gross.

You know what  I mean.

Want to play along?  I’ve got what we’ll call a Pinterest “resource board” for middle-aged PBS fans (and other Anglophiles) who also love Blackadder, et al and are ready for a “Hey, Wench” meme.

Oh, and if you create your own graphic, be sure to upload it to the Facebook page.

For the uninitiated, here’s the word “contrafibularities,” in context.

Yes, that’s Dr. Gregory House, er, Hugh Laurie.

And if I were snarkier soul, I’d launch a meme for Dr. House, too.


• Thursday, March 15th, 2012– per the Blackadder Facebook page–is International ‘Blackadder’ Status Day. You’re welcome.

• My friend, E., suggested this one. It’s a nice mashup of Hugh Laurie in two of his most acclaimed roles, I think:


• Romance writer Eloisa James has a marvelous bodice-ripper featuring a House-like character in a re-fashioned classic, adult fairytale. It’s called When Beauty Met the Beast and it’s quite good. (Seriously, it’s for mature readers only.)


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