Every Single Day… Y’all Bring the Awesome. Thank You.

Voting closes on Sunday, so there’s time for one more blaring and shameless plug requesting support for RW&G’s  2012 Bloggie nomination.*

More importantly, there’s time for a great big “Thank You.”

Because I don’t tell y’all that nearly enough.

And believe me, I am very grateful for you guys. So…

Thank you for reading/subscribing/following me–especially those of you who have been here since the beginning.

Thank you for seeing in this 4-year old blog something worth reading, especially after I overhauled my vision for the site and went in a different, far more personal direction. Not only did a lot of you stick around, more of you showed up to the party. Wow.

Thank you for publicly correcting my spelling and factual errors and tolerating my serial use (abuse?) of the ellipse. You all make me want to be a better writer.

Thank you for embracing Homeschool Ryan Gosling, the recipes, the homeschool stuff, and that crazy story about the freakin’ ambulance ride–plus all the garden stuff, including that TEDx talk with Holly. Somehow it all fits together here.

Thank you for the public and private notes of encouragement with regard to the care of my elderly mother.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Even before this nomination came along, I had set my sight on some BIG projects in 2012 and 2013. This nomination alone was the kick in the pants that I needed to get moving. A cosmic “attagirl,” if you will. Therefore, I am sitting here this afternoon, gobbling up all the good vibes (the greatest reward in all of this) that followed the nomination. I’m hugging those good feelings and then sending the joy right back out there… right back atcha. 

Have a fantastic weekend.

* So many lovely congratulatory words have come in with regard to the Bloggies here and via Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest. Extra special thanks to Andrew from GardenSmackDown.com for the cool graphic at the top of this post. Hugs and kisses to the entire #gardenchat crew led by Brenda from BGgarden.com. Oh, golly, and Theresa, Alicia, Michael, Debi… so many people who spread the word via Facebook. Finally, to my social media sensei Colleen Pence, who wins first prize in my heart for Most Awesome Faux Celebrity Endorsement: You’re so cool.

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