New Group Vegetable Garden Board on Pinterest

Feeling inspired by this group board managed by kiddie craft bloggers, I created this weekend a shared Pinterest board for folks who write (constantly or periodically) about veggie gardens. You can see it here.

It’ll be fun to watch it fill up with tips, tricks and advice–and I’ve already repinned a couple of things to my own private boards. Personally, I like to think of this collection of pins as a great big virtual card catalog for garden bloggers.

Tell me that y’all remember “card catalogs,” right?

Because I’m not that old and Google hasn’t been around that long.

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• “How to Grow Your Own Victory Garden” on Pinterest
• If you’re a Twitter fan and not already keeping up with the #gardenchat conversation, tsk tsk.



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3 responses to “New Group Vegetable Garden Board on Pinterest

  1. Thanks for the info about this new board. I’ll have to follow it too! And yes, I remember card catalogs!

  2. I remember card catalogs. This board looks interesting.

  3. drkaytrotter

    Love your new board, please add me as a contributor.