Friday Fun: A Happy Mashup of Delightful People & Random Things

Back when I launched this site in 2008, I used to do a weekly round-up of victory garden-themed stories that appeared in the news. Now that I’ve broadened topics at, I want to bring back the mashup biweekly at least, on Fridays.

Holly, Me, LaManda and Jenny at The Cove, in a veggie garden (of course). Photo credit: Tater Tot

• Gal’s Lunch: A couple of weeks back, I finally got to meet (in person!) my heroine, LaManda Joy, she of The Yarden and the Peterson Garden Project. We had lunch at The Cove in San Antonio with Holly from Dinner Garden and Jenny from J. Peterson Garden Design. (Holly tells me that DG is entering a new, collaborative partnership with Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign. More deets soon.)

While we were at The Cove, we found an organic veggie garden designed by Yard to Table, a local biz here in SA that installs organic gardens at homes and businesses. Isn’t that awesome? I came home and found the company owner’s wife’s blog, Dirtiest Kid in the World.

And I Hear That You Can Pickle That:  I love Portlandia.

Local Gal Done Good: Earlier this week my friend Alicia Arenas got a really cool write-up/interview in Smart Business. I met Alicia via TEDx San Antonio 2010, where she gave this amazing, deeply moving talk about “glass children,” the siblings of autistic kids:

It’s worth a listen. Trust me.

In 2012, Vote 4 Veggies: Feeling creative and loving that red, white & blue Bloggie 2012 campaign button on my page so much, I made a new pro-veggie button for the site. Feel free to share it.

Free Stuff: The March book giveaway is about to be unveiled. I just got my copy this week, and it’s a good one! Perfect for the homeschool/afterschool crowd. I’ll share details next week. Meanwhile, don’t forget about February’s giveaway–and if you have a book or product that you’d like me to consider as a featured item here at RW&G, kindly follow the instructions on the Contact page.

Official Endorsement: Not only am I voting for Pam Penick’s blog, Digging, in the 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards for Gardening Publications, I hereby endorse her formally with a graphic. Ta da!

You can go vote for her now, too. (I’ll wait.) While you’re there, look out for Fine Gardening (Best Mag), Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds* (Best Catalog), and All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space!, by Mel Bartholomew (Best Classic Book). I can’t recommend anything out of the New Garden Book category because I haven’t seen them yet.

* Did you know that the co-founder of Baker Creek, Emiliee Gettle, was homeschooled and is a homeschool mom, too?

MUST PIN ALL THE THINGS!! : After tinkering with some projects TBA later, I am more enamored than ever of Pinterest and its possibilities. (In case you missed it, you can follow me over there right here.) I love how authors are turning to Pinterest to spotlight their work. (Exhibit A) And if you homeschool or after school your kids and aren’t on Pinterest yet, here’s some great ways homeschoolers are using the service.

Let’s rodeo. It’s stock show and rodeo time down here in the Lone Star State. Which is why my childhood friend-turned-ranch woman Tisha Clinkenbeard was up in Ft. Worth at the stockyards with her family. She snapped this insider’s photo of an auction arena (below). It brings back a lot of memories from when we lived on a small farm. (See more of Tisha’s photos here.)

Image copyright Tisha Clinkenbeard

Aspiring and established veggie gardeners: Did you vote in the winter poll yet? I’ll leave it up in the sidebar until spring starts, but you can vote now:

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    Pamela shares some interesting tidbits from her recent adventures – both online and in person. I’m a tidbit prejudiced because she shared some of my “stuff” – blush, blush… So take a minute and check out her blog. You will definitely find something of interest there!!

  2. I simply love the fact that you met up with LaManda and Jenny, just days after we enjoyed their delightful company at Seattle’s Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Thank goodness for social media and garden shows. You all look like you had a splendid time. Hugs, Teresa

  3. Pamela, wow, you made a graphic for Digging! Love! Could I use it on my blog too? I really appreciate your support.

    And I’m jealous that my homegirl Jenny Peterson got to meet you recently. We really need an Austin blogger meets San Antonio blogger meet-up at some point.

    • Of course you can borrow it. And I might make another one, too.

      We do need to do a meet-up, especially now that there’s another gal garden blogger here in SA. Let’s work on that.

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