Is Your Blog Ready for Pinterest to Drive Fresh Traffic to Old Posts?

I have caught myself saying these words so much this week–both online and in person–that I made a graphic:

And it’s true.

Trust me on this.

I’ve seen traffic to this blog shoot through the roof since I joined Pinterest this summer.

Yet, much to my surprise, I’m still finding a lot of bloggers don’t fully comprehend “Pinterest Power.” Some folks have confused Pinterest with Flickr. They don’t seem to grasp that pins (when done properly) can route people right back to your website and give a “bump” to your traffic flow–much like a Twitter or Facebook mention.

Still other bloggers have this false notion that they can only pin new stuff.

Au contraire.

For a long time blogger with a boatload of awesome posts, Pinterest is a dream come true. All that old content finding new readers. Wowza.

Hoping to help nudge bloggers to use Pinterest more effectively, I’m asking bloggers (especially garden bloggers–my people) who are new to Pinterest to consider the following 5 questions:

1. Do you have old posts to which you’d like to drive traffic?

Um, yeah, who doesn’t? We blog to share stuff, right?

2. Do you have “pinnable” graphics on each and every one of the posts you want showcased on Pinterest–including the old ones?

As a writing medium, blogging allows for editing. So if you’ve got a great post that needs a graphic, you can get one. Snap a photo. Draw a picture and scan it. You can even use a graphic from elsewhere as an illustration, just be sure to cite the original source and don’t ever violate anyone’s copyright. (When in doubt about an image, don’t use it. Find another.)

3. Are you on Pinterest?

If you aren’t on Pinterest yet–and you want to try it, please note that I’m giving away 5 invitations to the first commenters on this post. First come, first served. Note that you gotta leave a working email in the spot for email addy on the comment.

4. Do you understand that you can pin your own stuff?

Do it gradually, slowly and don’t make promotion of your own work your sole purpose for going on* Why? Because people will unfollow you. Case in point: I spent some time one Sunday last fall pinning some stuff and unthinkingly became a “Pin spammer.” Yup, I lost a couple of dozen followers when all I was trying to do was to create thematic boards. Learn from my mistake. Pace yourself.

5. Do you mention your blog’s URL in your Pinterest profile?

If your answer is “no,” get on it.

Now, will you kindly follow me on Pinterest?

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*Exception to this rule: shared group boards like this one which is a united effort by multiple bloggers who only post their own work in order to “share” their followers.


    • Hey, Karen.

      I sent her invite. =) Note that you *should* be able to invite more of your friends. While in Pinterest, look for your user name in top right corner. Hover over it. You should see the phrase “Invite Friends.”

      Click on it and then fill out the form. Ta-da!

      4 more invites remain…

  1. Thanks for the succinct and useful post! My writer’s group was just hashing out whether it’s a good thing to post your own links on Pinterest the other day. We’re all pretty new to the site, and still figuring things out.

    And I kindly followed you on Pinterest, just as directed. 😀

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