Food for Thought: The Art of Homeschooling

This quotation brought to mind an exchange from my own childhood, one that my own mother has never let me forget.

Me (at 7 years of age): I don’t think that our teachers “teach” us anything.
Mom: What do you mean?
Me: Kids come into the world knowing things.  Teachers just help us bring it out.

It was a clumsy observation. Obviously, heart surgeons aren’t born knowing how to use a scalpel. Teenage boys aren’t born knowing how to drive.

Yet most children are born capable of learning far more than we give them credit. They just need good teachers (and parents) to help them apply that ability to the world, in ways that fit their respective natures and capacities for growth.

We all need “assistance with the discoveries,” basically.

I keep the above quotation written in the back of my lesson plan book. It’s a friendly reminder that what we do in our own homeschool setting is more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Yes, for me our homeschooling is my greatest, most imperfect, messiest and most glorious art form.

Well, second only to parenting.