Why I Heart PBS (Specifically KLRN)

I am a WordGirl fan. Big time. Two Halloweens ago, a neighbor made a shirt for me so I could dress up as the Most Awesome Girl Superhero ever.

And I thought that was pretty cool.

Then, last fall, I was invited to go into Big City (aka San Antonio) for an interview at the KLRN studio. Apparently, word got out (okay, I mentioned it on Twitter) that I was once brazen enough to dance a jig (and wear reindeer antlers) during the Baton Rouge PBS affiliate’s pledge drive. Clearly, they wanted to tap my fierce love of PBS. (Did you notice that I even mention PBS in my sidebar?)

So, on the appointed day I packed up Tater and a new toy (aka bribery), grabbed my shirt, and we headed into town.

The interview was a lot of fun. They set me up on the Texas Week stage. They smoothed down my unruly locks so that weird things wouldn’t happen on the green screen. And then we were off!

It took a few weeks for the editing crew to work their magic, but the final product came out this week. It’s a series of short promos featuring all kinds of cool people, including the mayor of Big City.

Plus me and my WordGirl shirt!

Here are the two videos featuring yours truly. The first one is for WordGirl. The second is a little more serious–and coincidentally the one that explains why I love PBS.

And here’s the funniest video of the lot, featuring Donna Tuttle as “Cookie Monster”

Fun, huh?

Do you support public television?

Should I dance a jig to get you to send in your check?



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5 responses to “Why I Heart PBS (Specifically KLRN)

  1. KLRN

    Lovely! Thank you Pamela…love the shirt. Love the story. Love the love for KLRN and PBS. We couldn’t do what we do without people just like you. Speaking of, can we clone you 🙂

    • poprice

      LOL. Well, we’ll have to check out NOVA or something to see if that is possible yet, won’t we?

  2. gardtho5

    Love your WordGirl shirt! I miss watching WordGirl with my kiddos. I completely agree–I wish we had a strong, empowered, brainy female superhero when I was young. I vividly remember how mortified I was when I was pulled from my first grade class to go to fifth grade reading–and how I pretended I couldn’t read at that level so I could be back with my friends. After a week, I was bored–and my teacher was wise–and back to fifth grade reading I went. Fortunately, with strong, smart female roles models–even PBS cartoon characters–my daughter never feared being a “brain.” If anything, she and her friends embrace their intelligence, which is such a pleasure (and a relief.) I adore PBS.

    • poprice

      I recall watching “Wonder Woman” and the Bionic Woman, but it’s just not the same as having a girl show her smarts.

      That’s great to hear about your daughter and her friends, too.

      Word Up!!!

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