A Quick Homeschool Organization Tip: The Lesson Plan Bibliography

We’re wrapping up the first-ever Homegrown Kids workshop this week, and I shared today with the group something that might benefit others.

So I figured that I’d bring it up here.

The hastily snapped photo above illustrates my running “lesson plan bibliography.” It’s actually modeled on the note-taking strategy one of my high school English teachers taught me. (Thanks, Mrs. Hindman!)

Basically, I assign a number for each of the books that form the core of our work. I make a notation re: the book’s name, and then I just use the number from the bibliography for notations in my lesson plan.

Like this slightly blurry snippet from this week’s plan:


Anyone else have similar lesson planning strategies? Or general organization tips for newbie homeschoolers?


P.S. If you think that you might be interested in our next workshop geared at homeschool start-ups, drop me a line at redwhiteandgrew AT gmail DOT com and I’ll put you on the announcement list.