Victory Garden Chat

As you might expect, this is the time of year when the traffic to RW&G really picks up with regard to Victory Gardens. April is also this blog’s “blogiversary.”

Yup, 4 years ago this month I started RW&G.

Funny how that name came in a flash and just, well, stuck.

Even with the recent changes.

Tonight I’ll be a guest on Twitter’s #gardenchat, where we’ll chat up victory gardens and their history. You can read up on tonight’s chat over there.

I’ve also recorded recently an interview (available on iTunes) with Kate Copsey of America’s Home Grown Veggies radio show on that same topic.

Give it a listen, please, when you get a chance!

Explore More:

• I’m tinkering with a Pinterest board reflective of what we’ve planted this year.

• Want to grow your own Victory Garden? There’s a separate Pinterest board for that, too. Even more worthwhile is this group board by vegetable garden bloggers.

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