Itsy Bitsy Baby Ladybugs (Er, Baby Stinkbugs?) in Their Nest!

Okay, so it’s major league clean up time over here–indoors and outdoors.

I was JUST about to dump out the contents of an old pot when I found LADYBUGS!!

Update: I’m starting to think that these aren’t lady bugs but actually baby stinkbugs. Okay, but they’re cute, right? I mean cuter than a regular stinkbug and sort of like a lady bug… so that can be fun, too.

Lots and lots of LADYBUGS.

Tater is smitten.

Even though I have like two guest posts (thanks, Julie and Margaret–I haven’t forgotten y’all)  to run this week and a thousand other tiny things to do TODAY (like try and find another pot to use), I’m making this a hit-and-run post and hope that everyone get a kick out of our “discovery,” too.

After all, we should always make time  to appreciate the ladybugs that wander into our lives, right?


  1. It looks like you figured out that they aren’t ladybugs. I, too, think they are stinkbugs that can cause a lot of damage to veggies and such. You can use a bit of DE to get rid of them if you are so inclined.

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