How I Turned Rosemary Clippings into Mulch & More

This weekend, my hubby did some major trimming of the enormous rosemary bushes out back. They were part of our “meditation garden,” where a mix of yucca, rosemary, and a chaste tree mingled artfully.

Mind you, with a small child… no one actually mediates in it, save the cat.

Being my mother’s daughter, I couldn’t just let all that wonderful rosemary go in the trash can.

So, I got crafty and decided to gussy-up the victory garden with it.

First, I made “primitive garden art,” using garden string:

I used it to adorn my three grapevine angels. (Especially love the new “wings”):

Then, I used it to mulch around pots:

The end product once more:

What are some of your favorite ways to recycle materials in the garden?

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  1. Rosemary clippings make good fire tinder too and smell amazing… I try and collect my clippings (which I tend to have a lot of with monster rosemary bushes as well) in a pile and then use them when we use our charcoal grill or on campfires…

  2. Hello from Sunny Redondo Beach! I also have manifested a healthy pile of rosemary clippings and my eyes met the pile as I was contemplating what to use to keep our Strawberries out of the dirt and not encouraging bugs n slugs . So Ive been cleaning around the bases and tucking Rosemary sticks and branches around each plant.Hopfuly the rosemary oil won’t be to much for the plants. I’ll try to remember to come back and share how it works!

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