New Study Shows that Nature is Not Just for Fun & Games

A shot from a recent nature walk with my mom, who is doing well and has a new wheelchair.

Earlier this week I was with some homeschool kids as they caught tadpoles and baby minnows in a creek. One parent quipped, “Sure beats being behind a desk.”

Um, yeah.

Turns out that nature time is beneficial to the whole being, not just what my mother calls “all those long muscles that need to move.” Read on:

Research conducted at the University of Kansas concludes that people from all walks of life show startling cognitive improvement — for instance, a 50 percent boost in creativity — after living for a few days steeped in nature.

Ruth Ann Atchley, whose research is featured in this month’s Backpacker magazine, said the “soft fascination” of the natural world appears to refresh the human mind, offering refuge from the cacophony of modern life.

“We’ve got information coming at us from social media, electronics and cell phones,” said Atchley, associate professor and chair of psychology at KU. “We constantly shift attention from one source to another, getting all of this information that simulates alarms, warnings and emergencies. Those threats are bad for us. They sap our resources to do the fun thinking and cognition humans are capable of — things like creativity, or being kind and generous, along with our ability to feel good and be in a positive mood.”

The researcher said that nature could stimulate the human mind without the often-menacing distractions of workaday life in the 21st-century.

“Nature is a place where our mind can rest, relax and let down those threat responses,” said Atchley. “Therefore, we have resources left over — to be creative, to be imaginative, to problem solve — that allow us to be better, happier people who engage in a more productive way with others.” [More…]


  1. I’d much rather be outside than inside. If I could sleep outside I would. 🙂

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