When Mockingbirds Attack


This photo was the closest thing that I could get to a still-shot of our resident mockingbirds. 

(I have another name for them, but it’s not suitable for a family-friendly blog.)

They set up a nest this spring in our rose shrub, near the victory garden. Last week, they began to assault our poor cat. They’ve even outsourced some of the pestering by enlisting a sparrow to follow the kitty and tweet out her coordinates. 

(No, I’m not kidding. I watched this happen over the course of two afternoons.)

And then one evening, one of them came for me. Yes, I was dive-bombed. 

Apparently, the bird didn’t care for my roots showing. (What’s with this new trend to calling it “ombre” and pretending that it’s stylish?) 

Or maybe, more likely, he was trying to protect his precious baby from the poorly coiffed and manicured woman spreading rosemary cuttings in his vicinity?

Whatever the motivation, that bird was TICKED. OFF.

Which led my friend Pam to say: “Well, he is the state bird of Texas. Makes sense that he’d be a little feisty.” 

She’s probably right. Sigh.


  1. I live in south central eastern Oklahoma and have always had Mockingbirds at my rural home. In over 25 years, only once have I been attacked. My Great Dane was also attacked. that lasted for less than a week. It was as if the Mockingbird decided we were not seeking to do harm and they could living in peace with us. 🙂 The research I did indicated that Mockingbirds tend to return to the same area each year. Maybe I have not had more attacks because the family has returned????

    Mockingbirds are not faint of heart and will go to the end to protect their own. Twice I have witnessed Mockingbirds chasing red-tailed hawks. When the hawks landed, the Mockingbirds attacked. The hawks finally were able to retreat.

  2. Yup, mockingbirds can be fiesty little SOBs! My ex MiL had a nest in her rose bush right next to her front door, and the birds would dive-bomb anybody who lingered outside. When we took some pics of the nest, it required three people, one to take the pics, one to hold the briars out of the way, and one to watch out for the birds! I’ve seen them chase off much larger birds, up to a block away before them broke off the chase, and watched them harass other birds many times.

  3. LOL! with you not at you. 😉 I feel the same way about our squirrels. And really detest grackels. They make outdoor dining less enjoyable bc they will divebomb over the table and grab food off your plate while you sit right there.

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