Five Reasons Why I’m Still Excited About Meeting Jenny Lawson (“The Bloggess”)

Dawn, Jenny, Alicia & Me

Last week, I got to attend a reading by Jenny Lawson of her new book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

That’s me on the right, looking like I’ve just turned her into a puppet.

(Hey, we were at the end of a long line. Weird stuff happens. Like what she’s holding in her hand, which is explained completely here. MATURE CONTENT IN LINK. And, no, it wasn’t one of us who gave it to her. But she volunteered to put it in the shot, and we said “Sure!”)

If you follow my social media feeds, then you’ve probably heard a lot this already. Yeah, I was sort of… gushy.

You know what? I’m still excited about this event because…

1. Lawson is a fellow Central Texan of a certain vintage who launched a blog and then got to write a book. She’s originally from West Texas, though, and I’m from East Texas and everyone knows that West Texas women are waaay funnier. I have stories that I could share someday, but this book pretty much proves it. Plus, Lawson and I were both nominated this year for the Bloggies and she WON after having declared herself the Susan Lucci of the Bloggies. I volunteered to be the new Susan Lucci. *Fingers crossed.*

2. The book itself is awesome. I may never look at the name “Jenkins” again without having to stop myself from laughing.

Like her blog, however, it’s for mature readers.

Which begs the question: why did they park us all near the kid’s toy section? Weird.

3. A couple of days after we saw her in San Antonio, she landed at the top of the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list. (I’d already predicted this would happen. But still… awesome.)

4. Before the big event, I got to go out to dinner with two of my favorite local gals, Alicia Arenas and Dawn Cole. Alicia (@aliciasanera) is a career coach and has a site and blog about business stuff. Dawn blogs about, well, Dawn things. Her Twitter feed (@lettergirl) is pretty fun, too. Gal bloggers should stick together. And we should see each other more often. Definitely.

5. The takeaway of the evening still resonates, even a week later.

I originally shared it privately on Facebook, but it merits a mention here.

Because it’s true.

Oh, dang… there’s another reason…

6. Lawson, like my mother, has rheumatoid arthritis. Like me, she’s prone to anxiety. (Mine is very mild by comparison, but I have my crippling moments.) I think it takes such courage to speak your truth to the world when you’re fighting these battles.

You go, girl.

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• You can go buy Lawson’s hardcover book here or via Kindle. Right now, the book is about 50% off what I paid for it. Which sort of makes me jealous. But then my copy is signed. So there.

• Humor is not really my thing–or at least I don’t think of it as my thing, but this post about the ambulance is pretty funny. And I guess the one about “Fang.” Like I said, the West Texas gals are much funnier.


  1. I am impressed that she had the signing ! With the anxiety issues I’m super impressed. And Pamela, I am now so VERY envious of your meeting her! Of course, I would have written a list of questions for her ahead of time & embarrassed myself thoroughly I’m sure!

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