Texas Hill Country Peaches are Here!

This is Matt. He sells peaches. Specifically, he sells Texas hill country peaches from the Fredericksburg area. He said that the ones pictured were plucked yesterday, and he’ll be stationed behind the Willie’s Grill & Icehouse in Leon Springs most days (not Sundays) for awhile.

Wanna see another photo?

And, yes, I bought some.

Of course.

They’ll hold us over until the fruit on our neighbor’s tree ripens.



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5 responses to “Texas Hill Country Peaches are Here!

  1. Fish Out of Water

    I want to see another picture, but not of the peaches. 🙂

  2. edna

    I brought home my first batch of Texas peaches from HEB Plus on 1604. Sweet and juicy! Yum.

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