Photosynthesis: Science In Video and Song

Science as song.

What’s not to love?

(In the car, I like to sing the ladybug part.)

This catchy little ditty appears on They Might Be Giants CD/DVD “Here Comes Science,” which is a huge hit around our house. As in we listen to it at least once a day, but sing the songs far more often. Another favorite? The one about the paleontologist:

Oh, and then there’s the one about how science is both REAL and AWESOME.

The CD is a couple of years old, but here’s what the cover looks like, in the event you run into it at a used CD store.

If you see it, get it–especially if you’re like us and supplement your kid’s education via carschooling.

You can also purchase “Here Comes Science” via

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  1. My son loves their other CD/DVD, Here Come The 123s. He learned the colors of the rainbow from their RoyGBiv song.

  2. We have the ABCs one, but not the 123s. I’m thinking about trying it out from the library.

    Also, I think that was the fastest that ANYONE has ever posted a comment when a post went up. There should probably be a prize or something. =D

  3. OMG! I have been listening to this CD all year!! In March, I prepared my niece and nephew to see dinosaur fossils by singing the Paleontologist song the whole way there. I also really, really like the blood mobile. Last week I corrected someone who was printing a hand out with a rainbow on it b/c I’ve listened to RoyGBiv WAY too many times. Glad to hear of other folks listening to and enjoying this CD.

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