Beloved Things

Our neighbor’s peaches.

My grandmother’s wooden bowl.

My mother’s garden chair.

A warm, late Spring morning in Central Texas with air full of birdsong.

This is the stuff of which memories are made.

And that’s why there’s a new masthead on the site and Facebook page.

Because some memories are meant to be preserved and shared, much like sweet, sun-warmed fruit fresh from the tree.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


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  1. So sad. Not a single peach formed on our tree this year. Don’t know why, unless it was lack of bees. Fortunately, one of our producers at Bountiful Sprout had them for sale this cycle. Can’t wait for that smell, and the juices dripping down my chin!

    • Oh, no. Sorry to hear about your tree!

      If you can find them, the June Gold variety from Stonewall area are the sweetest. Ours work better when preserved or in a pie.

      • Where is Stonewall? I’d pay good money for those peaches. the best peaches I’ve ever tasted are from Lewiston, NY area. They have a peach festival I think every year in June.

        • Stonewall is near Fredicksburg. Every region seems to have it’s story about the “best” peaches. In Louisiana, they came from over near Shreveport. Ruston, I believe.

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