An Interview with San Antonio Jewelry Designer Lorena Angulo

My friend, Alicia, introduced me to the work of Lorena Angulo last year. I’ve been fascinated with it ever since.

Who wouldn’t be?

I mean… just take a look at this piece, a brooch:


Now check out this video of her work:

Thinking that some of you might be enchanted by her intricate and beautiful jewelry designs, I sent Lorena some questions and asked permission to share photos of her jewelry here at

She graciously agreed.

(Note: All photos and designs are copyright Lorena Angulo. If you opt to pin an image from this post to Pinterest, please note that she is the artist–not me.)

1. Tell us about how you came to design jewelry.

I have always loved and appreciate any art form, mostly ethnic and folk art. My husband told me I should take some classes at Southwest School of Art because he knew I had always wanted to something like that. Thanks to his encouragement I took my first class at SSA almost 7 years ago. I enrolled myself in a metals and drawing classes and since that day I knew I finally found the wings for me to be able to express all my ideas.

I love the drawing and painting classes but my heart was 100% happy when I was in the metals studio. Claire Holliday was my first teacher and she became a wonderful friend and mentor, she always was very supportive of my work and my creative voice.

2. What are your inspirations? How have these inspirations evolved/changed over time?

Since the beginning I found my inspiration on my culture and traditions from Mexico. I still have my drawing book with my first ideas and I can see how strongly my creative voice and style were since the beginning.

I still remember how I noticed my designs were so totally different from my other jeweler friends and felt that maybe I was wrong and needed to design in a more contemporary way. I start trying to move into another direction but I felt like someone cut my wings because I was not inspired and happy at all, because of this I decided to follow my heart and I continue with my designs that have a very strong influence in what I am and where I come from.  

3. What’s your favorite piece from your collection–and what are you working on right now?

This is a very hard question because I have so many pieces that I love but if I have to mention one in particular it will be my first piece I made where I really felt I finally was able to make something that will express my big love and passion for what I do. This piece was also my first work I got published in a book:

FLAMING HEART by Lorena Angulo; photo credit Dean Powell

4. What’s the one thing that you think that people should know about the life of a jewelry designer?

Good question. We are as normal as everybody else but as artists we are very passionate about life in general.

In my case I am very blessed to have my family, my husband and kids are the best that could happen to me but I also know that all the time I spent creating and making my work makes me extremely happy.

I can spend a lot of nights without sleeping because I am creating but I do not mind doing it because when I see the finished piece in the hands of my clients and see how happy they are, it is all worth it.

5. Why is it important for people to purchase jewelry from an individual artist? What makes a hand-made item special, for the giver and the recipient?

I think that when you buy something that was made by hand 100% and with all the care and love, the piece of jewelry has more meaning and feeling.

I always said that I make jewelry with soul, and I think this can explain why I feel buying from an individual artist is better. We as individual artists transmit feelings with our work, we tell a story with every piece we create.

Most of my work is one of a kind, and this also gives the wearer the great feeling to know that no one else will have something as unique and original as the piece they are wearing.

6. You’re based in San Antonio, so I have to ask–do you exhibit locally? For people elsewhere, where can they find you? Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I have my work at the Gallery Shop in Southwest School of Art, Kathleen Sommers and Robert Hughes Gallery here in San Antonio. Some of my pieces are in Europe at the  Art Clay Scotland Jewellery Studio.  I also have some paintings and a figurine in the beautiful Kubiak Gallery in Douglas, Michigan.

I have an online shop on but at this moment I do not have a lot of items in it. I do ship internationally, and most of my sales I have made when customers contact me via email and ask for a piece in particular.

Your readers can find all my pieces and designs in my following links:


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