Summer Solstice Brings a June Victory Garden Showcase

Fitting, I think, to celebrate the solstice with garden photos. Most of these images are a couple of weeks old, and I swear that the sunflowers are at least twice as tall they were when photographed.

As it happens, this year our tiny “plots and pots” setup has been prolific. Not as fecund as the neighbor’s peach tree, but pretty robust. The tomatoes in particular have been stunning.

That grey stuff at the bottom are artemisia clippings from a pair of plants at the rear of the garden. The herb grows well here and has that wonderful soft grey color, especially at dawn and twilight.

Honestly, I think the garden’s overall success this year has something to do with some well-timed spring rains. Also, I like to think I picked up some good mojo on Memorial Day Weekend. I finally got to do some serious tinkering with the beds, mulching out the weeds and making a true “outdoor living room.”

For comparison, you can look at the Victory Garden page here at RW&G . (You’ll have to scroll down.)

A wider shot:

You can see that the rosemary wreaths have all dried up.

Remember the mockingbird? You can see “his” net in this shot:

One of the most exciting things this year hasn’t been in the garden but on the patio. I finally returned to my “roots,” planting the moonflowers that I loved so as a child.

Look closely in the background and you’ll note that, on the back porch at least, we’ve full-tilt embraced “shabby chic.” That’s good because the patio faces due West so anything painted chips but quick. And just ignore the weed sticking up. The yard needs a good mowing.

The summer solstice seems ripe for a round-up of victory garden news:

  • Joe at The Victory Garden of Tomorrow has designed a new poster honoring (and benefitting) LaManda Joy and The Peterson Garden Project. Details are here.
  • The San Antonio Express-News had an informative story about the rise of urban farming. Holly got a mention!
  • The San Francisco Chronicle has a review of the First Lady’s new garden book. It opens with a mention of Eleanor Roosevelt’s victory garden (of course).
  • Speaking of books, Chef Nathan Lyon of Growing a Greener World (PBS) has a new cookbook.
  • Case Construction Equipment is keeping an American tradition alive. They are working to install gardens in Milwaukee. In WWII, many corporations undertook similar activities to support victory gardeners
How goes it in your garden?


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    • I’m really pleased. There are good years, there are bad. I just try to roll with it. =)

  1. I’m so jealous of your garden – it makes me wish my thumb wasn’t quite so black.

    • I kill houseplants. They should probably bar me from stores that sell them. If that makes you feel any better…

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