Martha Stewart CraftStudio App is Awesome and Free Until July 8


For almost a year, our iPad has been an important part of our daily routines. We use it for our homeschool lessons. I use it to jot down notes for my book. We record videos my son’s music recitals on it to take to my mother at her nursing home. Yesterday I figured out how to watch Bill Nye videos on it. Next month I will use it in my online homeschool workshop.

Despite the workout we give it, I really think that developers have just scratched the surface of what is possible with the iPad. Which is why when we find something that we love-something that feels fresh and engaging, I like to spread the word on it.

Today my son started fiddling with the new CraftStudio app from Martha Stewart. It is FREE for a couple of weeks over on iTunes (thanks to Snapfish!), and I recommend that you run over there and grab it. Note that there are in-app upgrades available, such as the vacation-themed one pictured below.


Admittedly not crafty myself–and impatient with picking up things like glue, glitter, paper remnants and the other flotsam and jetsam that comes with kiddie crafts, this app gives my son the fun of transforming images on the iPad into print worthy works of art with no mess. Plus, you can print out the final products.

Did I mention that you can shake your iPad to distribute faux glitter across virtual glue?

Yes. You can do that!

Purists will point out that the app isn’t the same as tinkering with the art supplies. They’ll say that I am losing sight of the art-making process. And they would be right. Those things are important.

But I also think that there is something terrifically wasteful (read “not eco-friendly”) about many kiddie crafts I see promoted on Pinterest. I believe that there is something to be said for a kid learning to work through design concepts before taking real scissors to paper. Deciding which designs are print-worthy is an exercise in determining quality and even budgeting. (Real artists and artisans have to make these choices, too.) Plus, the CraftStudio app lets you take the crafting with you on errands and road trips. And virtual art-making is way better than having a kid stare at DVDs for hours on end.

Convinced the app is worth a try? Go get it on iTunes.


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