Repurposed, Retro, & Sentimental

That metal wash bin?

That was my maternal grandmother’s.

This is my maternal grandmother and her husband, the man who wrote the diary.

My mother, bless her, held on to that tub for decades. I “inherited” it last year, after Mom moved out of her house and into a nursing home here in Central Texas.

At first, I was at a loss as to what to do with it. Then, last summer, while cleaning out the pantry–and in need of storage options…. voila!.

I think Grandma Emma would be happy with that solution. She was pretty crafty.

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  1. I have to laugh… I believe our dining room table is the same brand as yours (cough ikea cough). *grin* I love the wash bin as a holder for cloths though, that’s beautiful. Your grandmother reminds me of my Hungarian grandma, my Nagymama. She has the same wizened look to her. 🙂

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