Southern Front Porch-o-Rama: A Photo Essay Celebrating Prattville, Alabama

Beware having lifestyle bloggers as kin.

Because they may do something crazy. Like showing up in your town and making you drive around the historic section in a HEAT WAVE to photograph front porches like these:

They’ll also pester you to lean on the city’s cultural affairs office to do a poster series featuring said porches. Because, seriously, how cute are these houses?

And they’ll even upload photographs of your front porch to Facebook while drinking artesian water from your local spring.

But that’s only if you live in a town as cute as Prattville, Alabama.

The rest of y’all?

You get to enjoy these photos of small town life captured on my summer vacation.



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  1. I’m such a huge fan of front porches, especially in summer. And these are some grand and lovely ones. It should have come as no surprise that we are kindred in this, as with many things. (I’ve also been known to run around photographing in extreme weather — most recently, it was brick ghost signs on buildings during a rare heat wave in Portland, OR.) Thanks for shooting and sharing!

  2. Lovely, lovely porches! I’m a complete sucker for big, rambling front porches. I even wrote an article years ago about southern front porches. So, how did I end up living in a house with a–gasp–STOOP? Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos.

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