Call for Homeschool Survey Respondents

The survey closed on July 31. Thank you to everyone who responded! I anticipate doing a follow up survey later this year, building upon results from the first group. If you would like to participate in the follow up–or if you wish to send a lengthy email to me describing your experience at balancing homeschool needs with other demands (full/part-time/shift work, eldercare, volunteer work), you may email me at redwhiteandgrew AT gmail DOT com.

Dear Friends:

For my book research, I’m using an online polling system together with interviews. I’ve already collected several responses privately (using a slightly different set of questions), but now I’ve opened up a survey to capture a wider array of responses.

If you’re interested in helping me with my research, please follow this link to and complete the questions. You may remain anonymous.


At the time of this posting, I’m just 10 responses away from my goal number, so please feel FREE to share this link with other homeschool families in Texas and beyond.

Questions? Route them to me at  redwhiteandgrew AT gmail DOT com.



P.S. If you know someone who would like to start homeschooling in the near future, then note that plans are in the works now for an August Homeschool 101 workshop. Stay tuned.


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