One of My Fave Haunts: Circa 1857 in Baton Rouge

Junkin’… that’s kind of a misnomer in the case of shopping at Circa 1857 in Baton Rouge. It’s classy there, y’all. Art, antiques, salvage goods, tasty food. I’ve been a fan of it ever since they opened, back when we lived in Louisiana’s capital city.

“Circa,” as the business is affectionately called, is situated in Mid-City adjacent to the Garden District residential area. You can read how it came to be here, and note that the anchor building being an old drugstore. The name? That comes from Circa’s location: 1857 Government Street.

Since inception, Circa has become home to several small, independent businesses–each one a jewel in its own right. It wouldn’t be wrong to think of the joint as something akin to an antique mall. But way better because you might get to listen to Zydeco music while you’re there.

When we passed through Louisiana on our summer vacation, I had high hopes of doing a little shopping. Alas, they were closed and wouldn’t reopen until after we needed to be on the road. I did snap a photo of the store hours, for future reference. See?

Fortunately, however, the gate was unlocked.

That’s how I got enough photos, I think, to give you a proper taste of the establishment.


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