Summer Cabin Fever: How do YOU Keep Cool When it’s HOT?

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We’re at the point now in our year where it’s not unusual to see 104 or 105 degrees flash on the big sign on the highway.

I swear that this kind of heat–coupled with the blinding, bright light from the sun–induces cabin fever in me. Or maybe it’s just summer SAD or my asthma or some sort of other oppressive thing.

Whatever the case, we try to stay either indoors or under large patches of shade most days. In the evenings, we sometimes go swimming or out front–where the houses block the sun for several hours–to mingle with friends.

It’s also not unusual for people who move here to experience a sort of “shock” that first summer. Can it really be this hot?

Yes, it can. For weeks at a time. And it’ ll leave you feeling glum when tropical storms turn into hurricanes but veer into Mexico to drop your rain rather than coming over to your house.

Yes, the heat brings about serious lapses in judgment. I mean, who wants a storm and the destruction it brings? But that rain… oh, that rain.

The silver lining to our August?

When folks up north are locked behind their doors evading winter’s snowstorms, I occasionally manage to get a slight farmer’s tan.

Perspective is everything.

And I still love living here in San Antonio. I’ll just be doing my livin’ with a tall, cool glass of hibiscus tea.

The photos were made in Prattville, Alabama in July 2012. We were on vacation then. Of course, it rained here while we were gone. So we missed it.

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