Will You Help, Pretty Please? Just ONE Jar is All it Takes

Throughout this month, I’m participating in the Moms Fighting Hunger initiative headed up by Stacy of KidsStuffWorld.com. Look for lots of shares on this program in my social media feeds. And check out the new graphic that’s in my sidebar all this month:

I’m also going to ask my readers to join me in doing something very specific:

Will you please donate just one jar of SunButter* to your local food pantry by the end of the year?

Here’s why I’m asking:

As you may recall, a family member is peanut allergic. In a past life, when I served on the board of a community food bank, I learned that peanut butter is a staple among families with food security issues. When I think about that fact–and what peanut exposure could do to us if we were a needy family, I want to weep. See, food insecure families with peanut allergic members have even more stress than the wider hunger-plagued population. It’s a fact that is overlooked, unfortunately. (Interesting PDF here on the stress of food allergies in the general population.)

You may also recall that food security and safety were central themes in 2008 when I first launched my blog. I even spoke on the topic with Holly Hirshberg of The Dinner Garden during TEDx 2010. Here’s the video, in case you missed it:

Looking back on my four years of blogging, I’ve decided that I can do one just thing this September to address food insecurity, I will use my blog and social media feeds to connect the dots between hunger and the need for cheap, affordable, high-protein foods for food allergic people struggling during this tough economy.

You can help me meet that personal goal by purchasing just one jar of SunButter* at your health store (you can buy it by the case on Amazon), dropping it off at your food bank, and sharing these words (or similar) on your Facebook or Twitter feed:

I just donated a jar of Sunbutter to my local food pantry for a hungry, peanut-allergic child. #momsfighthunger #foodallergy

On Pinterest? Then you can go repin this.

That’s it. And thanks in advance for considering my request.

UPDATE 9/6/2012: I just turned my Facebook fan page cover orange for this project. You can see it here.

*Note that I’m not being paid one dime to talk about this product. I just happen to believe in it, and it has served my family well. I also sorta hope the company gets wind of this post and challenge other fans to follow suit with similar donations. Fingers crossed.


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  1. This is a fantastic idea. Honestly, I never considered this before, which is shocking because we have 3 good friends who have kids with severe peanut allergies. On our next grocery store run, I will get some Sunbutter to donate.

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