{Guest Post} Let’s Talk Herb Spirals with Joanna at Dirtiest Kid in the World

Today we have another guest poster, this one a local garden gal blogger! Read on….

Hi! I am Joanna the mom, writer and gardener behind Dirtiest Kid in the World. My husband is Javier, owner of Yard to Table, an organic vegetable gardening company, and the brains of this operation. I blog about edible gardening, chickens and sustainable living and love to help out beginning gardeners.

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite parts of our garden: the kitchen herb spiral. An herb spiral is a beautiful way to make the most use out of a small space. If you have purchased fresh herbs from the grocery store recently, you know it can break the bank, but the good news is that growing your own organic herbs is easy and cost effective. Put your herb spiral near the back door for easy harvesting access for your gourmet cooking. You don’t do gourmet cooking? I didn’t either. I didn’t even use fresh herbs until we grew our own. You will be gourmet in no time.

Herbs like Lavender and Sage like drier, warmer soil with good drainage so they do well at the top of the spiral. Other herbs herbs such as Mint or Chives will do well in the wetter, cooler soil at the bottom of your spiral. The plants that can tolerate the most shade should go on the Northeast side, those that like more sun, such as Basil, can go on the South side. In the middle we put Echinacea, Thyme and Oregano because they prefer more water but not wet feet. The herb spiral gives you a lot of options and environments in one convenient spot.

We made ours out of bricks because we had a pile of bricks laying around the backyard but you can also make a nice herb spiral out of stone.

If you would like more detailed instruction on how to make your own herb spiral, there is a complete tutorial at Dirtiest Kid in the World.

Remember: the herb spiral is a delightful addition to your garden as well as wonderful compliment to your kitchen. Along those lines, I’ll leave you with this:


  1. It looks pretty and it’s functional. I love it. You’re inspiring me to garden, Joanna. One of these days…

  2. I love it too. My problem is the lack of space. I have a handkerchief size backyard and all in the shade. So I have to grow my herbs in pots. Which of course is nice in a way I have them year round in the house. I just love this spiral and might to something like that for some shade loving plants next year.

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