{From Blog Post to Book Tour} Random Thoughts on the Book, Giftedness, Feminism, and Homeschooling

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve started to turn in chapters for The Book. Okay, so I’ve only turned in one chapter, but as it is the first of the two most challenging ones–and the second most challenging one is almost done, I’m starting to feel a groove coming on.

Having promised to share with y’all a bit of the process, there hasn’t frankly been much to share. I spent a lot of time researching this summer, talking to people, navelgazing on the topic, doing other work, tending to family, etcetera. This past weekend, I had four stories due AND I was working on the book. The house turned into a wreck, er, creative chaos.

Nice challenges to have, actually. No complaints.

Words like these keep me going.

Fall is my favorite time of year, and therefore an optimal period for me to write. Over the next several weeks, I’m focusing more on crafting the chapters. (Read: the house is going to stay messier than usual.) If I want a full and happy draft to simmer for awhile around the holidays, then I gotta get crackin’.

I’ve also begun to think a teeny-tiny bit about the book’s publicity. This is on the advice of several author friends. No major action on that front yet, but as I go through the book and as relevant things pop up, I’ve started sharing things on a new Facebook page  that is separate and distinct from the RW&G page. The page title alone will give you a better idea of my topic. The book actually has a working title that is markedly different from the page, which is also connected to my workshops. (Trying for some synergy.)

You may have noticed that I’ve been showcasing guest posters.* Next month you’re going to be hearing from some people who have great ideas related to an important sub-topic in my book: homeschooling gifted children. I’ve shared here before that I was identified as “gifted” growing up–and that I got booted from the gifted problem because of fractions, but beyond that… well… let’s just say that it’s only been through recent years that I’ve come to realize the complexity of that term and what it means for families, especially multiple generations in my own. It’s been eye-opening.

You see, there’s a common misperception that “giftedness” is just about “smarts,” and that’s just not true. I grew up feeling different–very different, and it was only this past year that I came to understand that’s in part because of my overexcitabilities. My lack of awareness led to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and damaged relationships. I was high-achieving academically, but I felt… out of sorts. This revelation has been a blessing–and it came to its fullest fruition in the process of writing this book.

Giftedness is about so much more than books and IQ tests, and if you’re curious to know more, check out SENG, Hoagie’s Gifted Education Page, and Gifted Homeschoolers Forum. (Full disclosure: GHF’s press arm is the publisher of my book.) I also value the notion suggested by Howard Gardner that gifts and talents can exist in domains other than academics and that each person has her own set of “gifts.” That is not, however, the same as being “gifted.”

someecards.com - Dull women have immaculate houses. And, honey, I come from a long line of fascinating women.

Another idea that I’m parsing through right now is the intersection of gender equality and homeschooling. Heady stuff, right? But it’s actually rather interesting, especially when you consider that self-proclaimed feminists have been knocked for homeschooling (What about your career?!?! All that work that our generation did to liberate you from the chains of home?!?!?). Meanwhile, many dedicated homeschooling fathers feel excluded by “mommy blogger” homeschool groups. (I personally struggle with the term “mommy blogger” because I think it willfully marginalizes women and their writing–but that is another book entirely.) Actually, I hadn’t planned to write about gender equity in relation to homeschooling, but this article and a interview with someone for a story sort of forced me to address it in a (hopefully) thoughtful and constructive manner. I was intimidated to try it, but then some lovely, brilliant people (men AND women) provided encouragement, advice and even shared their own experiences.

Phew. That’s one random list of ideas and relationships, isn’t it? Feminism, homeschooling, giftedness, and messy houses. These are the topics bouncing around my head and dancing on the page. Believe me, this time next year–when you buy the book, it’ll all fit together for you. I promise. (That’s why I have an editor!)

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* Before my email account gets slammed with requests, I do not accept requests to guest post from copywriters. I don’t reply to these requests, either. My guest posters are handpicked by me and me alone. No compensation is involved. Just so we’re clear on that.