{Homegrown Kids} Teaching Time to Pre-K and K

Several of new friends  and followers have very young children, so I’m resharing this content that I posted over at SlowBurbs.com last year.

Mastering the concepts of time and the sequence of days are a big part of growing up. A lot of attention is paid to “reading” a clock face, but sorting “yesterday” from “today” and “tomorrow” can be tricky, too.

Here’s our solution for our resident hands-on, visual learner:

The laminated calendar board came ready-made from a bookstore, though you easily could make your own. The board is attached to the bottom of our fridge with inexpensive magnetic clips. We used the Post-It notes for a couple of weeks–no pressure, and now the kid “gets” the concepts.

It was amazing how much he enjoyed updating the calendar for the first few days. Then, right about the time of mastery, he stopped doing it. As our mission was accomplished, we moved on to other things–like trying our hand at drawing Chinese symbols.

No pressure. No rush. No worksheets. Just another marvelous example of learning in the context of everyday living.

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