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Earlier this week I was invited to provide original content for the “Parenting” channel on I accepted the gig because I’m curious about social media in general–and Sulia is the “new” thing.

The best way that I can describe Sulia is that it’s a mashup of Pinterest, Twitter and “old-fashioned” blogging. This is my third day on it and I’m starting to really enjoy it.

I’d love it if you’d follow me over to see my profile page , give it a good Facebook “like,” and then check out the Parenting channel.

Never heard of Sulia? You will–and not just from me.

There is a startup in New York called Sulia. It’s tiny – 10 people work there – and you’ve probably never heard of it.

But it is one to pay attention to – especially if you are Twitter CEO Dick Costolo or Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Sulia is a site that organizes short form content into channels like “New York City,” “Comic Books,” “Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

It gets that content in two ways. One way: It pulls the first sentence or two of news stories from across the Internet onto The other: It has users who write directly into topic channels on…

Last month, 10 million people visited [Sulia]– up from 0 just 10 months prior. Some context: still had less than 5 million unique visitors three years after the site launched. [Read more]


Want to know even more? Then go read some of these recent news stories.

And thanks for considering my invitation.


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