Adios, November!

A photo from my last round of newspaper stories, which I filed over the weekend. Cute San Antonio ornaments, eh? I really like the depiction of the Alamo.

Phew, what a month November proved to be.  How was it for you?

Here it was crazy busy,  though mostly in a good way.

Except for the part where I got sick. Correction: figured out that I was sick.

See, I finally went to the doctor to take care of something that had been bothering me only to find out it was potentially serious and required nasty, nasty medicine to make it go away.

What’s that saying about the cure being almost worse than the illness? Yeah.


Other than two weeks of drugs packin’ some icky side effects, there’s been lots of good stuff. For example: I finished my last 2012 homeschool workshop, won a really lovely homeschool blog award (“Best Variety”), saw my forthcoming book get a mention on Citibank’s Women & Co. site, wrote a bunch of fun stuff on Sulia, and finally got back on track with the next two chapters in aforementioned book (the illness sidelined that work for awhile).

Our Thanksgiving was quiet–a lovely thing that gave me a few days to look at the next few months. I’ve got a couple of GREAT garden-themed giveaways looming. And since my book deadline is looming mid-spring–and I lost traction this month, expect me to continue a slower-than-usual posting schedule (Mondays only beginning next week) at least until early January, maybe even February.
Dear Friends: I hope your holiday season is off to a fantastic start, and that you’ll say “hi” to me on Facebook, Twitter, or Sulia soon.


  1. Congrats on the blog award. I found your blog through that winner’s list and I can’t wait to check back for your garden themed giveaways.
    I hope to see your book at Their specialty is homeschool books by homeschoolers, for homeschoolers.

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