Say You Want a Resolution

RedWhiteandGrew readers explain resolutions to kids

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Happy New Year!

My son wanted to know the meaning of a “resolution,” so I crowd-sourced the answer. Here’s what the lovely followers of my Facebook page had to say in response:

“Something that is a life change and makes you a better person.” – Stephanie

“A resolution(s) that focuses on what you can give to others – teach a class, grow veggies for the food bank, help the neighbor lady – the self improvement comes with it and the sense of accomplishment is much more satisfying.” – Sheryl

“Well, a resolution is different than a goal. A goal is something you reach and you are done. A resolution promise to yourself to make a permanent change in behavior. So letting go of a bad habit or adopting a positive habit are resolutions. “I will spend 5 minutes everyday cleaning my room” “I will say “thank you” to someone at least once a day” “I will drink at least 2 glasses of water” “I will read an hour every day” Those are resolutions. “I will read 5 science books” That is a goal.” – Melody

“Something simple that you can actually do.” – Colleen

“One that is more than just a dream, like world peace, or losing weight.” – Mona

“A good Resolution is one that get accomplished.” – Liza

And one reader even kicked in an example:

“I resolve to find 1 good thing that happened during my day, every night before bed.” – Denise

What about you? Do you make resolutions in your household? Do you teach your children to the do the same?


Speaking of resolutions, I wanted to share one of my own. The first half of this year, much of my writing time will be dedicated to finishing my first book. I fell behind–for a not-so-good reason that I’ll explain later–so playing catch up is in order. I’ll also be picking up on my daily micro-blogging work over at Sulia, where I dish about parenting and homeschool topics. For these reasons–and here’s the resolution part, expect about a post a week from me here for 2013.

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