The Day My Manuscript Fell Apart

“Dawn Treaders” by Kaylen False

A few months back I promised to share with you the progress of my forthcoming book.

Well, guess what?

It fell apart yesterday.

Yes, it was a hot mess of horrible.

But I did not panic. No, ma’am.

At 6:15 AM this morning, I woke up and figured out how to put the whole thing back together again. It took me thirty minutes and when I look at the new chapter outlines, it seems more real somehow than it did before.

Of course, it’s all part of the process–my process at least. In fact, now I’m getting to my favorite part of writing. That sweet spot where I have just enough material written with which to work  that I can buzz about and and pepper the text with new information and lost scraps of content that I’ve tucked away around the house, my purse, and on Evernote. It’s like seasoning a soup while it simmers.

Yes, the day that my manuscript fell apart is the best writing day that I’ve had in a long time.



    • Well, I’ve at least got the roadmap. It’s just a matter now of showing up and putting in the work. But that’s sort of… dare I say… easy?

  1. Pamela, you’re an inspiration. I love reading your updates when you’re on a role, and I equally appreciate your honesty when things aren’t so neat and tidy. Perhaps a little chocolate is in order as a reward for getting through the rough day? Cheers to you!

  2. I’m glad things are moving forward! I work in a different medium but I do that ofte, too. Sometimes the new direction takes you to a better place!

    • So true. Save for the odd miracle piece of writing (blog post/article/chapter), I find that the ones that come too easy usually, for lack of a better word, suck in comparison with the harder ones.

  3. Whew! When I first saw the title of this post I thought you’d had a computer crash and lost all of your hard work. So relieved to hear that’s not the case and that the result of “breaking” your book made it better!

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