{Homegrown Kids} Online Resource for Studying Greek Mythology

Winged Sandals teaches Greek myths to kids online

January 2018 Update: Note that the original link provided below is no longer valid. We did find one of the videos on the ABC  website.  (ABC is an Australian media company who appears to have produced the videos.)

For our next homeschool project-based study–which we settled on last night, our son wants to revisit mythology. I’ve already lined up some books to get at the library and begun pulling the materials that we own.

Then I set about trying to find something online as a supplement.

And that’s how I came to discover Winged Sandals from Australia. It’s a gorgeous, lively site complete with cartoons and offline projects.

About the site:

Winged Sandals has animated stories and interactive games and an online version of the Delphic Oracle all presented with a focus on entertaining and engaging a young audience.The animations are full of humour and exceptionally beautiful illustrations of mythical people and places. The games are varied and unusual; by avoiding the “shoot em up” online gaming cliché we were able to create music making machines and a game where you can make wings to help Icarus fly.We have included activities to encourage our website visitors to step away from their computer and have some fun. Kids can use what they have learnt from the website as a source of inspiration to create their own artworks.Winged Sandals is targeted primarily 6 – 12 year olds. We have, however, avoided an oversimplified account of the stories, instead choosing to provide multiple layers of meaning, so that, hopefully, adults too will find the site engaging.

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