Will You Join Me in Silence?

Below is a video of my friend, Gage Paine. She’s got much wisdom here for you in her TEDxSanAntonio talk.

Have a listen, then tell me what you think!


  1. Yes! I completely agree about silence.

    We recently held a silent retreat at my little church where we practiced an hour of Quaker silence, 20 minutes of centering prayer, and spent an afternoon in complete silence. We even did a group art project–in silence! The time I make for silence in my life, personally and communally, is profound.

  2. Ah, yes. I saw myself in some of this… waiting for my turn to jump into the conversation with my own contribution. LOVED the idea of the “talking pen” (in other words: “Shut up, and listen”). I will have to practice a bit more of this myself. Ms. Paine reminds us that in the chaos of daily life, there are times when it is necessary and appropriate to be silent and take stock.
    Silence: sometimes it takes a great amount of effort to be “silent” during a confrontation, but it is often the better path. Silence is what I imagine outer space to be (“to be” pun intended). Silence is what I experience in my favorite dream: drifting on my back, floating on the clouds over the tops of mountains. We all know that comfortable silence we experience with a loved one when only the presence of thought is necessary. Reading: a silent activity. Silence is common courtesy and decent manners. Silence is an art form, as well as a comfort zone.

    • Gage is marvelous. I didn’t mention it but she’s also a yoga teacher and university administrator at my alma mater. Really interesting person–and a long-time family friend. =D

  3. I’m a huge proponent of the value of silence. When I’m home alone? Silence. It’s the way I reground. This TED talk is a good reminder to be quiet, listen to others, and listen to ourselves amidst the cacophony around us,

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