{Rants & Raves} Coming Up Short in the Yard

This was our backyard last year:



Sadly, the drought has been so vile the past 12 months that I’m not even going to show you how bad our backyard looks. There are cracks in the lawn and only a few bluebonnets.


We’re going to mulch up our ornamental beds and the vegetable garden and hope that things improve in time for Fall 2013 plantings.

They’re saying that we’re headed for Stage 3 water restrictions here, so we’re minimizing water in the yard.

It’s triage time, y’all.

Wish us luck.

Because we’re gonna need it.



  1. Have you thought about what’s called “grey water?” It’s water diverted from showering,, bathing, laundry and dish washing (works best if you use cold water for laundry and.obviously, no bleach.It’s an old conservation technique. Here’s a link in case you don’t have one.
    Rpse McDonald

  2. Water from the bathtub and showering, from dishwashing, etc can definitely be used. You mentioned ollas when you were talking on FB, and that might be worth trying. I realize this is devastating to you guys… I wonder if this is your new ecosystem though, and if maybe you’ll have to switch to brand new ways of doing things in order to get anything? We’re having to learn new ways here, too, though the problem isn’t lack of water. It’s almost equinox and we’re currently being buried under another 2 feet of snow. My tomatoes… are not going out anytime soon. 😦 If I’d gotten off my duff and made tunnels, they *could* be out in polytunnels though.

    • Yup. We’re pretty much going xeric in the backyard. The central issue that I need to resolve with the veggie garden is whether or not it needs to be relocated. We get ZERO shade back there–and in much of the yard. That’s not going to change much. And we have the added issue of getting very, very hot then very, very cold because of where we’re positioned in the hill country. I really have to think this through this year.

  3. We had a devastating drought in Georgia 2007-08, but eventually the rain returned. It was scary. We’ve had some bad spells here and there the last 20 years. Your bluebells are so beautiful – how wonderful you took pictures last year. Maybe next year the bluebells will be back…along with the rain. Maybe.

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