{From Blog Post to Bookshelf} Let’s Ease Up on the Gas Pedal, Shall We, Busy Bee?

Last week I turned in my second draft to my editor, a good two weeks before my first draft was due.

Somehow, even with major health setbacks from my Graves Disease, I met my deadline.

Heck, I even wrote too much for the book.

I’ve so loved writing this book. Truly.

And now, assuming my editor likes the revisions (fingers crossed and I’m counting on at least one more round of revisions), I will soon need to turn my attention to helping market it.  I even got a little start this week on shifting my attention to “work and homeschool” topics more fully with an overhaul of my new-ish Facebook page, How to Work and Homeschool. I will also use the new page to promo my workshops and homeschool consulting work, so it’s not just the book marketing that I’ll need to front-burner this summer.

But before that all gets into full swing in late spring, I’m going to slooooow down for a few weeks. See, I think that my hyperthyroidism is actually improving and while the weather is nice–and before it gets too hot, I want to go spend some energy outside. I want to do a little more yoga, too. I wanna catch up with friends, old and new. Plus, I have a couple of “secret” projects that I need to work on, too. Shhhhh….

So, you can expect to see me a little bit less here on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. until mid- or late April.

But I shall return.

You can count on it.

(Because I think I may have an actual book to sell to y’all. Squee!)


    • Thanks, MMG. I may rerun a couple of old garden posts while I’m away. But nothing fresh for awhile. Appreciate the note!

    • You’re too funny. And I wish that you lived closer and that we could go play with our kids in the park this spring. Love you!

  1. But I’ll miss you! Still, I’m so glad you’re feeling a bit better, and YAY to you for finishing the second draft. You are amazing!! Now, your very important task is to find a new show for us to watch and analyze together until DA returns! 😉 Enjoy your time!

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