{Travel Photo Essay} April in Paris

Eiffel Tower from RedWhiteandGrewDOTcom

April is almost gone… but the memories of Paris remain.

Come along, my readers, for a trip down memory lane.

Tuileries Gardeners from RedWhiteandGrewDOTcom

Gardeners in the Tuileries

Vines in Paris on RedWhiteandGrew

Outside a restaurant near Notre Dame

(Photo credit: K. Price)

Rue Cler Resto on RedWhiteandGrew

Before the lunch rush on the Rue Cler

primroses via RedWhiteandGrewDOTcom

Primroses on the Rue Cler

Pinks Roses from RedWhiteandGrewDOTcom

Roses on the Rue Cler (at Au Nom de la Rose)

French Camellias from RedWhiteandGrewDOTcom

Camellias near the Eiffel Tower

EiffelTower from RedWhiteandGrewDOTcom

Night scene (by my husband)

Daylight Eiffel on RedWhiteandGrewDOTcom

Day scene of the Eiffel Tower

cage of flowers in paris via RedWhiteandGrewDOTcom

Near the bird market

bike and roses on rue cler via RedWhiteandGrewDOTcom

Flowers, baguettes and a bicycle… what more could you want?


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