{From Blog Post to Bookshelf} Know Someone Who Wants to Chat about Working While Homeschooling?


In case you’re wondering about the book’s progress, it’s being laid out this week. And I think that we’ve just agreed upon a title–but I still can’t tell you about that, yet.

I will, however. And soon.

Until that moment arrives, I’m gradually turning up the heat over at HowtoWorkandHomeschool.com. As part of that endeavor, I’m hosting an “online office hour” over on Facebook. It’s scheduled for Tuesday, May 7 at 7PM CST. And it’s FREE!

Y’all, it would help me out a lot if you’d share a link to this post so that I can start reaching out to parents and others who may be interested in the book as well as my coaching services.

You can also sign up to participate in the office hour via Facebook.